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Excursions can help you to arrange your stay in Poland and plan your holiday or weekend effectively. From short walking tours in the fascinating Gdańsk Old Town to longer itineraries, we recommend a variety of half a day and full day trip packages to your place of choice.
Here are some exemplary programmes:

Up to one day with the accomodation in Gdańsk:
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A walking tour. Our guides will tell you about the history and contemporary times, explain the city's past in an easy and amicable way and show you the most interesting highlights. A 2 hour tour includes a visit to St.Mary's Church.
Sopot, Gdynia
Car / minivan / minibus / coach transportation + sightseeing tour incl. entrance tickets. Duration – appr. 5 - 6 hrs, depending on the number of museum entrances. Time for lunch in Sopot included. The description: - first we visit the Southern Pier's waterfront in Gdynia with historical fregates, shipmuseums, many fish restaurant and cosy pubs Possible entrance (optionally one to choose from): the Polish WWII destroyer „The ligtning”– now a museum, Gdynia Aquarium or The Museum of the City of Gdynia. - a visit with a lunch break in a bathing resort Sopot. On the way to the longest wooden pier in Europe we walk down the fashionable Monte Cassino promenade in the Art Novueau style, passing the salt spring waters of St.Adalbert. From the pier (Molo – entrance included) we get a splendid view of Gdansk Bay coastline, broad sandy beaches and classy seaside hotels, including the majestic Hotel Grand.
Car / minivan / minibus / coach transportation + sightseeing tour incl. entrance tickets. Duration – appr. 6 hrs. Time for lunch included. The description: - the route to Malbork leads through agricultural Żuławy – known for its fertile soil, hundreds of dikes or characteristic prussian architecture. It is also heaven for stork lovers, with dozens of stork nests along the country roads. Driving one way takes about 1h 20 minutes. - After arrival we meet our local guide (Polish, English, German) and start a walking tour in the castle. We find out a lot about the Teutonic Knights and their expansion plans in the Pomeranian region in the XIV century. We also get to know more about their defence system, medieaval heating methods developed by the Order and the luxury of the Grand Masters' Palace. After 2 hour sightseeing it is time for a well deserved lunch in the Castle's restaurant, Café Gothic.
100 km from Gdańsk by car. In the high season it is possible to get there across Gdansk Bay by a water tram, going regularily from Gdynia or Gdańsk. Return: car / minivan / minibus / coach transportation. Duration of a tour: appr. 7 hours, including time for lunch and recreation. Important notice: organising the tour depends largely on a sunny, rain-free weather. The description: Ideal combination of a water ride with a visit to a charming fishing harbour. We take a short tour in the village, walking past historical, XVII century Kashubian cottages with characteristic prussian walls and military remains of the Polish Navy harbour. After lunch in a recommended restaurant we drive to get more sunbathing in Chałupy – the most famous beach in Poland, „mekka” for kite and windsurfers from all over Europe.
108 km from Gdańsk. Car / minivan / minibus / coach transportation + sightseeing tour incl. entrance tickets. Duration – appr. 8 hrs. Time for lunch included. The description: The unique moving dunes in the Słowiński National Park are the main attraction around Łeba, but not the only one. Hidden in the woods, there is also a large former nazi testing area for long-range rocket weapons V-2. After an exciting visit to the „Polish sahara” (some dunes are as high as 40 meters above sea level) and finding out more about their origins, we continue the tour towards a beautifully situated, largest Jurassic Park in Poland (option for families with children). An alternative free time option are the fantastic white beaches, where the water happens to be warmer than in Gdansk Bay and more water sports and attractions await. Water scooters, parasailing, water bananas and much more. Along the beach you find numerous pubs, fish restaurants, souvenir shops, not to mention locally brewed, very tasty cold beer!
44 km from Gdańsk. Car / minivan / minibus / coach transportation + sightseeing tour incl. entrance tickets. Duration – appr. 6 hrs. Time for lunch included. The description: the Centre for Education and Regional Promotion in Szymbark is a special combination of an open air museum, a heritage park and the place where a couple of Guiness records were beaten! If we add choice of restaurants, microbrewery „The Kashubian Crown” and souvenir shops with local handicrafts, a visit to Szymbark can become a full day tour. The biggest attraction is with no doubt the Upside Down House, often cited as symbol of the communism collapse. Visiting this unique, standing on its roof construction can result in a slight loss of balance! In addition we will see the world's longest wooden board, the largest operating piano in the world and we find out more about Polish traditions of tobacco snuffing, the art of carpentry and the wooden cottages the Polish emigrants built all over the world. The lunch can be arranged in the local restaurant or in a different Kashubian restaurant in a nearby Wyczechowo – famous for delicious, Polish pierogi.
60 km from Gdańsk. Car / minivan / minibus / coach transportation + sightseeing tour incl. entrance tickets. Duration – appr. 5 hrs. Time for lunch included. The description: Elbląg is a town located by the Teutonic Order already in the XIII century. A bustling harbour centre, especially in the Hansa Leauge times, Elblag was a real trade competitor to a neighbouring harbour of Gdańsk. Unfortuntaley, unlike Gdańsk, the historical Old Town of Elbląg had not been returned its original splendour after 1945. The best preserved monument from medieaval times is Brama Targowa – The Market Gate (a piece of old municipal fortifications). It is also worth to have a walk down the cobbled streets of the city's centre to find out how the modern architecture was adapted into the remains of old, historical buildings. The important tourist magnet in the area is with no doubt the historical Ostróda-Elbląg Canal or the so-called “Elbląski Canal”. It is a unique water system connecting a number of lakes in Western Masuria with the Vistula Bay. It has been acclaimed one of the 7 technical wonders of Poland. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it takes you through almost 100 meter, practically natural, difference in water levels, using a system of locks and inclined planes. The latter are rail lifting mechanisms, moved mechanically by the water flow. The planes are of historic value on the world scale as far as the history of hydraulic engineering is concerned.
Stuthoff Museum
up to 5 hours; a tour to a concentration and extermination camp in Sztutowo, (can be combined with a trip to Malbork Castle)

Longer, 1 - 2 day tours:

Hel Peninsula (windsurfing, kite)
Toruń (Old Town, planetarium, museums)
Mazury (The land of the Great Lakes, Wolf's Lair)

5 days and longer tours through Poland:

Gdańsk – Kraków (Tricity, Toruń, Warszawa)
Gdańsk – Wrocław (Tricity, Toruń, Poznań)
or any route on request

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