Activ tourism

Medical Tourism

During a trip to Poland it is also worth to learn more about the rich medical offer at exceptionally high level and at the same time much lower cost (compared to western countries). Medical services in Poland are becoming increasingly popular, among them dentist treatments such as: implantology, esthetic dentistry, prosthetics and conservative dentistry. More and more tourists are also interested in esthetic dermatology and plastic surgery.

will help you choose a recommended and trusted medical facility, arrange a visit including transport, if necessary.

Exemplary prices:  (1 PLN = 0,25 EUR)
Dental check up (first initial visit): 60 - 80 PLN
Filling – a single surface: 100 -120 PLN
Restoration of a tooth crown (composite): 250 - 300 PLN
Tooth extraction: 100 - 190 PLN
Prosthetic consultation: 80 PLN
Insertion of implant: appr. 3000 PLN
Porcelain crown (on chrome-cobalt alloy): 800 PLN
Full ceramic crown: 1300 – 1700 PLN
Teeth whitening with the use of trays / Beyond lamp: 800 – 850 PLN
Panoramic x-ray photo: 70 PLN